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Pastor Bob Donahue Delivers Message On Believing

September 5th, 2012

By Sara Foss.

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Pastor Bob Donahue of Grace Community Church speaking to PHC students in Friday's chapel message

Pastor Bob Donohue of Grace Community Church in Ashburn focused on the purpose of signs during Friday’s chapel service. The message was taken from John 2:13-22, but Donohue tied it to what he called John’s “purpose clause,” in 20:31: ‘That you may believe.”

“[We must] not just trust Him intellectually, but in a way that cherishes Him,” said Donohue. He added that John’s purpose in recording his gospel was “so that when we read of these signs, we will see the glory of the Son of God.”

Donohue said that Jesus manifested His glory in two ways in this passage, the cleansing of the temple and the replacing of the temple.

Donohue provided some historical context to his listeners, reminding them first of the importance of the Passover, even to Jesus. It was a reminder that, “despite being the victims of oppression, they [the Jewish people] nevertheless were guilty. The blood was a protection from His own righteous judgment.”

Second, the temple was the nucleus of Israel and her very identity. It was the only place God would meet with His people—and that only through a bloody sacrifice.

When Jesus cleansed the temple, Donohue said, “His zeal burned—but not out of control. Instead, it was fueled by the glory of God.

“There’s no getting around this. Jesus is in a rage,” Donohue continued, “He made His own weapon. He’s kicking them out. He is not being kind. He is not being considerate.

“Are you zealous for God?” Donohue asked his listeners, “Do you defend His honor? There are some things that should incense us.”

Donohue asserted that when Jesus called the temple “my Father’s house,” he committed a far more serious crime in the eyes of the Pharisees than driving out the tradesmen. Jesus was claiming to have the authority to cleanse the temple.

“What bothered them is that He said ‘wreck this thing,’” Donohue said. The Pharisees processed Jesus’ words through their physical understanding when, in fact, Jesus was inviting them to murder Him.

The cross was the sign they had demanded. The temple, its rituals, the bleeding sheep and the curtain of smoke from the incense, “All of it pointed to its ineffectiveness,” said Donohue. “Jesus can cleanse the temple because He is the temple.”