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Apply to PHC Now for Benefits of Feb. 1 Deadline

January 23rd, 2009

By Sarah Pride

CONTACT:  David Halbrook
Patrick Henry College
(540) 338-8727

If you are thinking of applying to Patrick Henry College for Fall of 2009, the time is now! For applicants applying before February 1, there are several advantages, including a smaller application fee, the greater availability of Financial Aid scholarships, and receiving an earlier admissions decision. Now is the time to join a community of faith and purpose, regardless of where God leads you later in life.

Students gather for fun, comradery, and dodge ball at a dorm party

Junior Joseph Alm, who recently won second place at the national moot court tournament in Long Beach, CA, says that when he was a senior in high school he was “considering Ivy Leagues and PHC.”

“The reason I love PHC’s mission and purpose to train young people into leaders who can change the nation and shape the culture is that it is so much more focused and directed than other schools’,” he says.

Along with the expanse of knowledge he has learned through PHC’s core curriculum in his first two years as a student and the opportunities he has found to grow as a public speaker, Alm has already begun to apply his leadership skills to real-life problems. He has founded an organization called LifeRoots that does grassroots, door-to-door canvassing to educate people on pro-life issues.

“Patrick Henry College has the mission to change the nation and shape the culture for Christ,” Alm says. “That starts now, not years down the road. Students are beginning to realize it by starting new outreaches like Life Roots. I can’t wait to see how we will be impacting our nation in ten years!”
In PHC’s close-knit community, students find kindred spirits who can help them make their dreams a reality—or who can simply become lifelong friends. Michelle Wright, sophomore, explains the amazing friendships she has formed at PHC and says that the College has “honestly been everything she hoped.”

“Even beyond my friendships,” she says, “I have formed relationships with my professors that I couldn’t at bigger schools. There are great opportunities here both for academics and for leadership.”

Patrick Henry College attracts its students to a high level of education through the focus on godliness that permeates every class and provides the base for a fearless approach to all of learning. College President Dr. Graham Walker sums up the College’s unique approach to education as training a “fervent mind and lucid heart.”

“We emphasize both faith and reason,” he says. “These are not two different things pasted together. One supports the other. True wisdom is the well-tutored love of Christ.”

Under Walker, Dr. Gene Edward Veith unites the academics and practical life of the community in his job as Provost. His unflagging work to encourage self-government among the students on campus has born fruit of optimism and purpose in the student body.

“A big part of preparation for the world is self-discipline and self-motivation,” explains Veith. “I think that as we continue to move in that direction, our graduates will be exceptionally prepared for life.”

Dean of Academics Dr. Laura McCollum and Dean of Student Life Sandra Corbitt heartily concur, emphasizing that Patrick Henry College trains the “heart, head, and hands.”

“I hope our students leave with the notion that compartmentalization is deadly,” says McCollum.

Students indeed leave equipped for life, united in mind, body, and soul. Alumni are employed in a wide variety of occupations, from police officer to television producer to government analyst to teacher to mom. Similarly, they come to PHC for a plethora of reasons.

“Despite their varying vocational goals, a common theme emerges: At PHC, students see the opportunity to grow both spiritually and academically, preparing themselves not only for a career, but for the rest of life,” says Tiffany Thompson, Senior Admissions Counselor. 

If you are interested in joining a community where men and women are excited about learning in a vibrant Christian community, please consider applying to Patrick Henry College today.