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Debate Team Hits the Books - Before Classes Start

August 26th, 2009

By Brianna Edelblut

CONTACT:  David Halbrook
Patrick Henry College
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Dr. James Tallmon, PHC's Director of Debate, demonstrates a point

The Patrick Henry College Debate team kicked-off their new season with a week of intense research and practice rounds.  Experienced debaters were invited to return to campus prior to the start of classes.  They gathered to discuss, research, and practice in order to strengthen and hone their skills and knowledge base. The focus of their research? Domestic transportation policy, an integral part of our nation’s security and economic success.

Sophomores Gregory Escobar and Ian Reid organized and led this year’s debate research week, which was the brainchild of seniors Brianna Edelblut and Kyndra Jamison.  Commenting on students’ continued growth in leadership, Dr. Tallmon, the PHC Director of Debate, noted that “we are going to develop [such opportunities for growth] more fully this coming year, as we build on the foundation laid the past two years.”

The week began with a visit to the George Mason Library to read through book and journals related to transportation policy.  Students fanned out through the library, pulling books from shelves, scouring card catalogues, and accessing online journals.  They skimmed the books and scanned pages into the computer for later editing into manageable paragraphs of evidence.

“Consulting the literature first and having a solid expert foundation will launch our team into a more educational and ultimately more competitive season,” said Isaiah McPeak, the team’s Executive Coach.

In only a matter of weeks the debate students will be in the midst of their competitive season, with the first Parliamentary Debate tournament beginning September 18th at Purdue University in Illinois and the first NFA tournament starting October 3rd at Lafayette University in Pennsylvania.