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Ballet Magnificat Comes to Patrick Henry

November 19th, 2010

By Chelsea Rankin; originally published in the  PHC Herald November 19, 2010. Photos by Betsy Reich.

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Ballet Magnificat's Omega Company comes "Before the Lord... Boldly"

Dancing is their way of expressing what God has done in their lives. They dance not for themselves, but to worship Him, to proclaim Him, to exalt His name.

Ballet Magnificat, a Christian ballet company dedicated to glorifying Christ through dance, performed at Patrick Henry College on Thursday night. Over 650 people attended the ballet. PHC’s gym was packed with families: moms and daughters, grandparents, high school and college girls, and little girls in fancy dresses sitting on their daddies’ laps.

The ballet opened by reminding the audience that no one should be allowed to worship God, yet He allows people to boldly come before His throne. Off to one side of the room stood a cross, as a representation of what Christ did for people. Audiences were encouraged to kneel before it and worship their Savior. Throughout the performance, little girls from the audience walked over to the cross. One girl danced and spun around it, her dress twirling around her as she imagined herself as a ballerina.

A solo moment in one of the dances

The dancers encouraged the audience to worship the Lord, to remember that He is faithful in the midst of trials, and to remain pure in their marriages. During the final dance, many members of the audience stood up with hands lifted toward Heaven in adoration and worship of their Lord. The ballet concluded by asking the audience to stand and sing "Hail to the King" together.

PHC freshman Alyssa Mundy loved the emphasis the dancers placed on bringing glory to God.

“I loved how the dancers themselves would be waiting in the wings to go on, and while they were waiting, just worshipping,” she said.

Twenty-one-year-old dancer Mari Vaugham first watched Ballet Magnificat perform in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA and did not like it. She did not believe anyone could actively live out their beliefs through worship dance. As a dancer herself, she told God that she would not dance for the company unless He closed the door on everything else. He did.

“I know this is where I’m supposed to be,” she said. “Dancing for the Lord and not for yourself is such a different thing. It’s freeing. If I wasn’t dancing with the Lord, I would want to stop. It shows you that the Lord knows what He’s doing. I’m blown away by how good He is.”

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