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Who's Who at PHC

April 7th, 2011

By Carissa Davis. Photos by Art Cox.

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Patrick Henry College
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PHC Who's Who award recipients

Patrick Henry students are often recognized for their intellectual rigor, strong work ethic and high standards. This month, the faculty honored 35 especially outstanding upperclassmen students with the Who’s Who Among American College Students award.

Who’s Who is a national program established in 1945 by H. Pettus Randall II to recognize academic achievement on college campuses. More than 2,842 schools participate nationwide. On each individual campus, the faculty chooses outstanding students based on their academic performance, leadership, and integrity.

At PHC, the Who’s Who candidates are chosen from a list of the top 50 students with the highest GPAs, with a minimum requirement of a 3.25 GPA. The students are judged academically on the basis of classroom interaction and initiative taken to learn beyond the class. The faculty then considers the students’ leadership roles both in campus organizations and in church and community involvement. Finally, they look for excellence in the students’ pursuits outside of the classroom.

Junior Nicole Frazer accepts her award

The Who’s Who awards were presented in chapel last Monday by Dr. Steven Hake and Dr. Mark Mitchell, with much cheering among the nominee’s classmates. Besides the campus recognition, the recipients receive the chance to be entered in a drawing among other campus for a nationwide Who’s Who Scholarship.








Who's Who award recipients:

Tricia Archer (Sr.) Evelyn Blacklock (Sr.) Josh Chamberlain (Jr.)
Joe Cheatwood (Sr.) Spencer Churchill (Jr.) Bryant Condrey (Sr.)
Colin Cutler (Sr.) Zach Enos (Jr.) Greg Escobar (Sr.)
Adam Fisher (Sr.) Nicole Frazer (Jr.) Michael Garofalo (Sr.)
Bart Gingerich (Sr.) Joanna Griffith (Sr.) Alex Harris (Jr.)
Brett Harris (Jr.) Zach Henry (Sr.) Aaron Kamakawiwoole (Sr.)
Bethany Klicka (Sr.) Andrew Leaming (Sr.) Jacob Linn (Jr.)
Sarah McCartney (Jr.) Jared McKinney (Jr.) Hannah Mitchell (Sr.)
Stephanie Monk (Sr.) Caleb Nelson (Jr.) Noah Oberlander (Sr.)
Ian Reid (Sr.) Katie Roberts (Jr.) Stephanie Schultz (Sr.)
Zach Simmons (Sr.) Logan Spena (Jr.) Micah Walters (Jr.)
Stephen Williams (Sr.) Michelle Wright (Sr.)