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Students' Summertime Jobs, Internships, and Travels

May 21st, 2014

By Christine Reid

Originally appeared in the Herald 4/25/14

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Julianne Owens in Berlin in 2012

As the class of 2014 spent their last weeks of the semester preparing for graduation and life beyond college, the rest of PHC worked to secure internships, jobs, or time spent abroad. Throughout the summer, we will be posting weekly stories on the website with detailed accounts of what our students are up to this summer, but for now, here is a sneak peek at what a few students are doing.

Julianne Owens, Sophomore

“Germany is as much home to me as Oregon, and some of my closest friendships and most cherished memories are there. I loved it for the entire year I was there, and I have missed it for the entire two years since I returned to the States,” Owens said.

On May 8, Julianne Owens is leaving for Gomaringen, Germany, to visit the family she lived with for 10 months. She plans on staying for two weeks and is mostly excited to surprise her “siblings,” the children of her host family. Only her former host parents know she is coming. Owens cannot wait to be sitting at the table when her younger “siblings” get home from school. She is also excited to celebrate her “sister’s” confirmation in Germany. Returning to Germany is a kind of homecoming for her. “I just want to be there,” Owens said.

Ben Williamson, Senior

Williamson is interning with his Congresswoman from North Carolina, Virginia Foxx. He will be assisting with her re-election campaign, district contacts, and travel plans in her local N.C. office. As a general government major, Williamson is seeking four internship credits from this experience.

“I think it’ll probably give me a better sense of what it takes to work in the political arena,” Williamson said.

Williamson is looking forward to making new contacts and hopes this internship experience will open doors for future job opportunities.

Caleb Heim, Senior

Heim is interning with the Young America’s Foundation this summer. He will be focusing out reaching out to college students and teaching them how to start conservative clubs on their campuses.

Esther Grace Ehrenman, Junior

Ehrenman will be spending her summer in Cambridge, Mass., at Harvard’s Summer School. She will be spending her days studying upper level journalism courses. Though Ehrenman plans on focusing on political theory in her studies at PHC, she hopes that the journalism courses will improve her writing as she dreams of one day writing for The Economist.

“I look forward to learning under the tutelage of experienced professionals in that field, as well as taking on a new level of independence and responsibility for myself,” Ehrenman said.

The journalism courses at Harvard will count towards a master’s degree from Harvard in Journalism, which Ehrenman hopes to complete after finishing her undergraduate education at PHC.

“These journalism courses can help solidify my credentials, move me towards my master’s degree, and fill in the journalistic gaps to allow me to become a better writer,” Ehrenman said.

Brian Zachary, Sophomore

After hearing Bishop Dobbs’ chapel message and about his connection with Barnabas Aid, Zachary approached the Bishop about internship opportunities. Zachary will be interning at Barnabas Aid, an organization similar to Voice of the Martyrs, that seeks to help persecuted Christians around the world. Though their headquarters are in London, Zachary will be working in their Mclean, Va., office from May through June and plans on spending the rest of his summer at home in Kansas.

“It will probably give me a better idea about whether this is an area I want to work in or not,” Zachary said.

Sarah Cavicchi, Senior

Cavicchi is staying local and interning with the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, specifically Supervisor Geary Higgins. She will be reviewing agendas, attending meetings for multiple committees, responding to constituent requests for assistance, and creating and maintaining ongoing casework files.

“I’m excited to make new connections that could lead to potential jobs after I graduate in December. Since I’m married and staying in the area, this is an exciting step towards developing those connections,” Cavicchi said.

By managing Higgins’ webpage, social media, and writing articles for the district newsletter, Cavicchi is excited to learn about the community she lives in. She sees this summer as an opportunity to get involved and make a difference in the local area.

PHC students will also be working at the State Department, the U.S. Marshals Service, as well as teaching English in China. Stay tuned as we post their stories throughout the summer.