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Teen Leadership Camps begin with Journalism and Con Law

June 20th, 2014

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Campers prepare an "Anchor" story


Teen camps began this week, signaling the unofficial start of summer at Patrick Henry College. Constitutional Law and Journalism camps are underway, with the former continuing through next week and journalism wrapping up later this week.

At journalism camp, students are treated to lectures by Dr. Les Sillars, Director of PHC’s Journalism Program and Professor of Journalism. They also attend lectures by various guest lecturers from WORLD Magazine and various other publications. PHC alumna Gracy Olmstead spoke with campers on Friday about her experiences in the journalism world. She currently serves as Associate Editor of the American Conservative.

Campers also participated in an ongoing news conference led by the counselor team, in which a story was developed and unfolded during the course of the week. Campers were assigned to various publications and required to blog or create videos about the story. They also took a field trip to the Newseum in Washington, DC, and explored other museums in the city.

Recent PHC alumna and teen camp counselor Danielle Builta noted how impressed she is by the way the campers have worked together as a team.

“They are united, creative, and energetic,” she said, pointing out that they all have different reasons for attending camp. “One girl hopes to go into missions, but wanted to experience journalism. Some want to be reporters and editors. Another has self-published several books and wanted to get a taste of journalism.”

 Dr. Michael Farris speaking to Con Law camp


Builta believes that the camp activities are designed to allow campers to exercise creativity.

Seventeen year old Shane Keenan has been planning on attending PHC and wanted to come to teen camps to get a taste of what the school is like. He hopes to do something in government and wanted to see how journalism fit into his desire to shape the nation. After his week at camp, he says journalism is a much more likely career choice for him than prior to his camp attendance.

He has enjoyed interacting with counselors and the “strong spiritual fellowship” he’s experienced.