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New PHC Promo Video: Understanding What It Means to be Human

June 25th, 2014

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Screenshot from the new PHC Promotional Video

Patrick Henry College released a new promotional video last week, produced by alumni Peter Forbes (Literature, 2009) and Ian Reid (Journalism, 2012), which showcases what it means to be a PHC student. Forbes and Reid are founding partners in Distant Moon Media Group, a new media production company that specializes in advertising and narrative storytelling through the medium of film and video.

Their goal, and that of PHC's administration, was for the video to capture the essence of the spiritual community and classical liberal arts education at PHC, which many believe to be the two most important aspects about the school. Rather than just focus on the education, the duo wanted to give viewers a picture of what it looks and feels like at PHC on a daily basis. Most of the interviews center on the school’s unique approach to education, while the imagery shows the community spirit and fun that comes with being a PHC student.

“Both Ian and I know what it can be like to be a PHC student and we wanted to give people a taste of that in three and a half minutes,” Forbes said.

"We had a series of preliminary meetings with Ian and Peter to compare and contrast their ideas and vision for the video with our own," said David Halbrook, PHC's director of communications. "Both have high character and integrity and had already demonstrated an excellence and professionalism in a substantial prior body of work, so our planning team was well aware of their skills and abilities. We met to focus in and agree upon the video's general aesthetic feel and its basic concepts, such as the College's high-caliber classical liberal arts education, dynamic spiritual foundation, and unique community. Once we selected which individuals to profile, we pretty much turned them loose. The end result was, as expected, excellent."

The video features former PHC government major and moot court champion Lindsay See, who graduated with honors from Harvard Law School and is now an attorney for a high-powered Washington, DC, law firm. The other two primary subjects are Wesley Freeland (Classical Liberal Arts, 2014), and Matthew Boles, a sophomore Classical Liberal Arts major, who each shine as typically bright, thoughtful and energetic participants in the PHC experience.

The video has proven especially popular with students and alumni. Since posting the promotional video on Facebook and Twitter on June 19, there have been over 1,700 views, with 1,000 of those views occurring in the first day.

“It was a pleasure being back on campus and spending two weeks filming the promo,” Reid said. “Peter and I both felt a sense of nostalgia and a renewed excitement for the school, as we came back and sat in the classes, and filmed the exciting atmosphere the school offers. It reinvigorated our love for the institution, and I hope that’s what shines through.”  

Since the release of the video, Reid said he has been pleased by the general response to the video.

“We’ve had a number of alumni tell us the video made them want to start taking classes again, which is what we were feeling when we made the video,” he said.

Starting in July, Forbes and Reid will be making films full-time.

To watch the video, click here.