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Teen Leadership Camps: Con Law, Week Two

June 27th, 2014

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Convention of States simulation

Forty-five campers wrapped up two weeks at PHC’s Constitutional Law Teen Leadership Camp. They have spent much of their days in the classroom with Dr. Farris, as well as working outside of the classroom reading and studying for the midterm and final. A favorite part of this year’s camp has been the Convention of States project all of the campers have worked on. Each teen was assigned to a committee to create amendments for the Constitution. They also took a tour of the U.S. Supreme Court, and visited a few of the Smithsonians – the Air and Space Museum, Natural History Museum, and the National Gallery of Art.

Sixteen year old Nathan Jacob flew out to camp from Houston. He wanted to attend because he was interested in PHC, and after spending two weeks on campus, he says he is even more interested. He’s enjoyed meeting other teens from all over the country, friendships he plans on continuing long after camp is over. His favorite part of the past couple of weeks was working on the Convention of States project.

Outside of the classroom, counselor and PHC Junior Matt Boles had nerf guns in his wing to help campers bond with each other faster. He says this group of campers is studious, respectful, and sure of themselves. He noted that in counseling the campers, he has learned more about himself than perhaps they’ve learned from him.

“Every time I’ve talked to a kid, I’ve seen myself and my own insecurities in them,” he said. “The questions they’ve asked me are the same questions I’ve asked God.”

Counselor and PHC Junior Emily Powell has enjoyed the campers’ exuberance and passion for life. She has also found them to be funny, engaging, and mature.

“I was not prepared for how quickly the campers would feel comfortable trusting me, and I was not prepared for how quickly I would love them,” she said. “I’m amazed to see what God has done in two weeks.”