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PHC students enjoy organizing and sponsoring several off-campus dances and socials each school year, which are unaffiliated with Patrick Henry College.  Many of these dances have become fond student traditions, providing a fun, non-academic atmosphere for students, professors and families to interact.



The Liberty Ball (Spring Semester)

  The Liberty Ball has become a highly-popular annual spring event for the PHC community.  Held at historic Virginian plantations, students and faculty enjoy ballroom waltzes and English dancing, and strolling through the scenic plantation grounds.  Live string quartets create an unforgettable, authentic dance experience.  The first dance was held in 2000, on the anniversary of Patrick Henry's famous "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech.


The Hoedown (Fall Semester)

  The Patrick Henry College Hoedown provides a great change of pace for students enduring the grind of midterms and papers.  The Hoedown is held in a spacious barn complete with hay, haylofts and horses.  Harvest goodies such as caramel apples and popcorn, pies and cider are available for all, as the night is quickly danced away with a live band, and the even livelier footwork of good-time country dances.



The Freshman Dance (Fall Semester)


One of Patrick Henry College's newer traditions, the Freshman Dance offers freshmen students the opportunity to meet upperclassmen in an engaging, non-academic environment. Hosted by each sophomore class, PHC students enjoy swing-dancing the night away, meeting new friends and catching up with old classmates.



The Christmas Ball (Fall Semester)


An elegant mix of ballroom and swing, this end-of-semester formal dance helps usher in the Christmas season. Students Robert and Sarah Saunders and Jacob Parrish organized the first Christmas Ball in 2008.