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James D. Ohlson, M.A.

Adjunct Professor of Mathematics and Government

Educational Background:
M.A. in Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh
B.S. in Mathematics, Wheaton College

Time at PHC: 2006 to present

Professor Ohlson is best known for his career as a Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI for over 28 years. He studied the Arabic language at Defense Language Institute for one year and completed the Intelligence and Policy Seminar at John F. Kennedy School of Government (2000).  He was selected as an Intelligence Fellow by the Director of Central Intelligence (1998). Currently, he is employed as a Senior Counterintelligence Expert for Northrop Grumman and placed at the National Security Agency within their Office of Counterintelligence.  He has written articles for the Christianity Today journal, Books and Culture about espionage fiction (2004) and another, My Friend the Spy – An FBI Colleague on the Life of Robert Hanssen (2003).  Professor Ohlson teaches Euclidean Geometry and Counterterrorism at Patrick Henry College.