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Minor in Pedagogy

Students in the Pedagogy Minor will acquire and practice the knowledge and skills to serve as educators in a variety of environments, institutional and home-school.  Pedagogy students may focus on either elementary or secondary level content.  As part of the pedagogy minor, they will develop curriculum, conduct educational research, and student teach in area schools.  At the completion of the pedagogy track, students may apply for ACSI teaching certification.

Students in the Pedagogy Track will demonstrate application of theoretical knowledge appropriate for this course of study in the following areas (consistent with PHC’s Philosophy of Education):

Learning Objectives for the Pedagogy Minor
•    A solid grounding in content knowledge and skills of the liberal arts and sciences.
•    An understanding of historical educational theories and applications/methodologies.
•    The abilities to proactively instruct and motivate students to establish “habits of mind” that lead to wisdom.
•    An understanding of the distinctions between and responsibilities of teacher/student and teaching/learning.
•    Learning from and working with colleagues and parents to support student learning.

Pedagogy Minor Requirements:
CLA303 Biblical Worldview & Pedagogy I
CLA313 Biblical Worldview & Pedagogy II
PED**3 Developing Literacy
PED**3 Curriculum & Instruction
PED**3 Management, Motivation, & Assessment