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Young America's Foundation names PHC as one of the nation's top ten conservative colleges

November 23rd, 2004

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Purcellville, VA— Young America's Foundation (YAF), a nationwide campus outreach organization dedicated to the promotion of conservative values, has named Patrick Henry College as one of the nation's top ten conservative colleges. The list highlights ten institutions that proclaim, through their mission and programs, a dedication to discovering, maintaining and strengthening the conservative values of their students, and allowing and encouraging them to fully explore conservative ideas and authors.

"Given the liberal bias in higher education today," YAF President Ron Robinson explained, "we are proud to make these recommendations.  We want conservative students and parents to be well informed before they make this important decision."

In making its selection, the foundation cited the excellence of PHC's academic offerings as well as the effectiveness of the college's apprenticeship and internship programs. The study also highlighted the outstanding record of PHC's moot court and debate teams, and drew special attention to the innovative strategic intelligence program, the newest track in the college's government major.

Founded in 2000, Patrick Henry College is a classical Christian liberal arts college dedicated to training men and women who will lead our nation and shape our culture with timeless biblical values and fidelity to the spirit of the American founding. A PHC education combines rigorous academics, a biblical worldview, a classical liberal arts core curriculum, and apprenticeship methodologies to produce graduates who are uniquely qualified to serve God and mankind.