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Dr. Baskerville Brings a Passion for Government and Families to PHC

September 25th, 2007

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Charles T. Evans
Dr. Baskerville

Shortly after the fall of Communism in the Czech Republic, Dr. Stephen Baskerville served at Palacky University as part of the West’s efforts to help create a new, free state. It was a period of life that opened his eyes in transforming ways.


“Most of my lingering leftist views were eradicated by viewing this ‘workers’ paradise,’” he says with a grin.

Along with that rich experience in Eastern Europe, PHC’s new Assistant Professor of Government brings his growing reputation as a leading advocate for fatherhood and the family to students at Patrick Henry College. He will be teaching American Political Thought, Comparative Government, Freedoms Foundations, and other classes. He is a quiet man, but intensely passionate about certain topics.

“I don’t think we’ve learned the lessons of the fall of Communism here in the West,” he declares. “In fact, I don’t think we’ve learned the lesson of the twentieth century—the moral bankruptcy and its associated dangers.”

To illustrate those dangers, he quotes Vaclav Havel, a Czechoslovakian dissident under Communism, and later the president of the Czech Republic: “Impersonal, ideologically-driven bureaucratic power has grown. It’s spreading throughout the world.”

This sweeping, global phenomenon, he believes, has subtle, if equally devastating corollaries in the American justice system that tear at the very fabric of individual families. This other “impersonal, bureaucratic power,” he says, is what he has come to call the “family policy machine,” otherwise known as America’s divorce courts. His efforts to right the abuses wrought by this system have taken Dr. Baskerville into the non-profit sector, where he served for the last two years as president of the American Coalition of Fathers and Children.

His passion for fatherhood and family issues – specifically, keeping marriages intact, and keeping children with their parents -- has generated national radio and television appearances, including The O’Reilly Factor, Hardball with Chris Matthews, Court TV with Fred Graham and Katherine Crier, Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg, and Janet Parshall’s America. He has written more than seventy articles, and his book, Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fatherhood, Marriage, and the Family, is due for release in mid-October.

“Why is the American family in crisis?” Dr. Baskerville writes in Taken Into Custody. “The most direct cause is the divorce industry: a government-run system that tears apart families, separates children from fit and loving parents, confiscates the wealth of families, and turns law-abiding citizens into criminals in ways they are powerless to avoid. In more than half of divorces, one person forces it upon the other.”

Dr. Baskerville sees himself as an advocate for working people who just do not have the time or resources to fight to correct the wrongs in the system.

“Very few people who work nine-to-five will be able to do anything about this,” he states. “I think that it is the obligation of, in my case, a college academic, to call attention to injustice, and I feel blessed to be called as part of that.”

In addition to his duties as a professor of history at PHC, Dr. Baskerville says he hopes to continue researching and furthering his work on behalf of families during his time at the College.