Danae’s involvement with ET came as a pleasant surprise. As a dancer and gymnast for 11 years, confidence and the stage were no strangers to her; in fact, if she wasn’t performing, she loved to watch others perform at the Minneapolis, MN Gutherie Theatre as well as at local theater companies. However, with only a handful of middle school and church Christmas dramas in her past, Danae did not expect to be part of the world of PHC theater. After her first audition’s success and through her first play experience, Danae discovered she has a passion for theater—albeit on stage, in the audience, or behind the scenes—and now has found the perfect way to channel it. Danae hopes, at some point, to direct or produce a play of her own. Danae joined the ET board the spring of 2011.


A Christmas Carol | Belle, Young Woman at a Party
You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown | House Management crew
A Midsummer's Night's Dream | Fairy