The community of Salem verges on hysteria when young girls are discovered dancing in the woods. Rumors of witchcraft soon circulate, and Abigail Williams, the ringleader of the girls, uses the situation to take revenge on the Proctor household.

John Proctor, who had entered into a forbidden relationship with Abigail seven months before, finds redemption for his sins. Arthur Miller's Pulitzer Prize-winning story tells a compelling tale of redemption in the light of cancelled sin.


John Proctor
Abigail Williams
Elizabeth Proctor 
Reverend Samuel Parris 
Reverend John Hale 
Governor Danforth 
Mary Warren 
Giles Cory 
Judge Hathorne 
Thomas Putnam 
Ann Putnam 
Mercy Lewis
Betty Parris 
Susanna Walcott 
Rebecca Nurse 
Francis Nurse 
Ezekial Cheever 
Sarah Good 
Martha Cory

Joseph Alm
Cate Pilgrim
Shannon Healy
Brett Harris
Tyler Stockton
Aidan Grano
Phoebe Daigle
Andrew Fetters
Ryan Gilles
James Nelson
Sarah Saunders
Tia Ly
Hannah Mitchell
Megan Conlon
Krystal Brunner
David Barber
Erin Pradia
Zach Enos
Kim Peterson
Russell York
Betsy Sayre




Directed by Stephanie McGill
& Jenna Lorence
Produced by Sarah Vahle

November 12-14, 2009