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Many Books
Free eBooks for your PDA (or iPod). The site includes the 2002 CIA World Factbook and Virgil's Aeneid in Latin, along with more than 13,000 other titles. Many of the works are based on public domain texts from Project Gutenberg


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MedTerm Medical Dictionary
16,000+ medical term defined
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Merriam-Webster Online - Dictionary
Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.


Metropolitan Museum of Art
338,541 works of art collected by the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York available online with descriptions.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
"The MFA is one of the most comprehensive art museums in the world; the collection encompasses nearly 450,000 works of art."


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Mercatus Center
"Freedom in the 50 States presents a ranking of the American states based on how their policies promote freedom in the fiscal, regulatory, and personal realms."


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Math Worksheet Site
Generates printable math worksheets for math drills, including addition, subtraction, etc. Created and maintained by a homeschool father. PHC does not subscribe to this website.


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Migration Information Source
Country profiles and migration data from countries around the world.
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Migration Integration Policy Index
"The Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) measures policies to integrate migrants in 25 EU Member States and 3 non-EU countries. It uses over 100 policy indicators to create a rich, multi-dimensional picture of migrants' opportunities to participate in European societies. MIPEX covers six policy areas which shape a migrant's journey to full citizenship."

Migration Policy Institute
Source of nonpartisan migration information with pages specifically for journalists and congressmen.


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Maclay's Journal: Journal of William Maclay, United States Senator from Pennsylvania, 1789-1791
"William Maclay was one of the first two senators from Pennsylvania. Within two months of the opening of the first session, he had begun to keep a diary, which he continued almost daily for the three sessions of the 1st Congress. Because Senate sessions were closed to the public until 1795, his is one of the few accounts of Senate floor activity in the early Congresses."


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Milestone Documents in American History
Analysis and text of key documents in American history.
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Making of America
Making of America (MOA) is a digital library of primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction. The collection is particularly strong in the subject areas of education, psychology, American history, sociology, religion, and science and technology. The collection currently contains approximately 1,600 books and 50,000 journal articles with 19th century imprints.
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Making of America
"Making of America is a digital library of primary sources in American social history primarily from the antebellum period through reconstruction. The collection is particularly strong in the subject areas of education, psychology, American history, sociology, religion, and science and technology. The book collection currently contains approximately 10,000 books with 19th century imprints."


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Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute
Houses the largest online archive of King's papers.


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Milestone Documents of World History
This database provides access to 125 iconic primary source documents along with in-depth analytical essays. The primary sources are pulled from all time periods and geographic locations.


Museum of Broadcast Communications
The Museum of Broadcast Communications exists to "collect, preserve, and present historic and contemporary radio and television content as well as educate, inform, and entertain the public through its archives, public programs, screenings, exhibits, publications and online access to its resources."


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Masterplots, Fourth Edition
"Masterplots provides fundamental reference data, plot synopses where applicable, and critical evaluations of a comprehensive selection of English-language and world literature that has been translated into English. The essays are in alphabetical order by title, and each includes an annotated bibliography to aid readers in further study."
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MLA International Bibliography
"MLA International Bibliography offers a detailed bibliography of journal articles, books and dissertations. Produced by the Modern Language Association (MLA), the electronic version of the bibliography dates back to the 1920s and contains over 2.2 million citations from more than 4,400 journals & series, and 1,000 book publishers."
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Mark Twain Project
"Its ultimate purpose is to produce a digital critical edition, fully annotated, of everything Mark Twain wrote." Including more than 2300 written letters.

Middle English Dictionary
The Middle English Dictionary offers a comprehensive analysis of lexicon and usage for the period 1100-1500, based on the analysis of a collection of over three million citation slips, the largest collection of this kind available. Search for word definitions or for quotes using particular words.


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Met Archives - Metropolitan Opera
Facts, photos, and stories about the Metropolitan Opera, the people who have performed there, and the works they have performed.
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Mutopia Project
Free sheet music for everyone! Mostly classical works (Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Handel, Mozart) transcribed from public domain editions.


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MapLight. Money and Politics: Illuminating the Connection
"Brings together campaign contributions and how legislators vote, providing an unprecedented window into the connections between money and politics." Currently covers the California Legislature and U.S. Congress."


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The premier medical index covering over 9,600 journals in all areas of medicine. Some citations include abstracts.
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NEW MedlinePlus
"MedlinePlus is the National Institutes of Health's Web site for patients and their families and friends. Produced by the National Library of Medicine, it brings you information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues in language you can understand. MedlinePlus offers reliable, up-to-date health information, anytime, anywhere, for free."

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