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Editor's Note: Readers of the Global Journal of Classical Theology will note that in our first issue, Vol. 1, No. 1, we published an article by Val Grieve entitled "A Fool for Christ." We were all saddened to hear of Val's death, and thought this dedication would serve as a fitting tribute to this friend and brother.



By: Alan Holloway

Lawyers' Christian Fellowship


It is difficult to believe that I am writing an obituary for Val Grieve, who died, aged 72, on 21st July 1998, following a heart attack two days earlier.

Val was so full of life, an enthusiast, an encourager, a cheerful companion, a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and of faith. All his many friends, traversing every age, background and nationality will carry their own special memories.

To some he was a member of the LCF's National Committee, lightening the atmosphere with some gentle humour, being instrumental in the launch of LCF students and young lawyer's work which has turned out to be so successful. To some he was a senior partner, latterly consultant, of Manchester law firm Croftons, working out his Christian faith in practice. To some he was the prime mover in the Manchester city Mission.

To some he was the driving force for Operation Mobilisation, linking up with the ships Logos and Doulos for missionary endeavours around the globe. To some he was a formidable opponent at chess, playing old-fashioned openings with verve and style and never a thought for defensive manoeuvrings.

To some he was an author, studying the events surrounding the trial of Jesus and the evidence for the Resurrection and presenting these in easy to read, yet challenging, short books. To some he was a speaker, willing to travel anywhere, to formal services or lively debates, to argue the case for Christ.

To all he was a man captivated by Christ, a preacher of the gospel to the end. He is greatly missed, none more so than by his wife Sheila and his children, for whom we should continue to pray.


From Your Verdict on the Empty Tomb, by Val Grieve (OM Publishing, 1988)

"I awoke in the morning of that day with no thoughts of Christ at all in my mind. I was as full of this world as the next person. Then suddenly the thought came to me that on Easter Sunday Jesus rose from the dead. He was alive and I could come in contact with him. Something inexplicable happened to me. I suddenly knelt down and talked to Christ. Yes, to Christ. I suddenly knew he was living, that he was near me and that he wanted to enter my life. I talked to him. I said, as far as I can remember, "Come into my life, Lord Jesus." As I said this, he came, Yes, he himself. I knew he was mine. A marvellous joy filled my life."

"I can look back now on what happened and can say from personal experience that conversation to Jesus is real and it lasts. Over the years, I have been asked many times how the change from being an atheist to being a Christian took place. I always reply by saying that there are two reasons for my being a Christian. Firstly, I found that Christianity is true. Secondly, I have found that it works in my life."

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