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Stephen Williams, Resident Director of Men

  • Home State: Virginia
  • Fun Fact: Will often be caught transfixed by a sunset or landscape and has to be shaken out of his reverie.

Read more about Stephen here.

Bethany Vehlow, Resident Director of Women

  • Home State: Illinois
  • Bethany enjoys getting to know people, playing sports, spending time with family and friends, reading, discovering new towns and cute shops, and cheering for the Green Bay Packers.

Read more about Bethy here.


Caleb Sasser

Home State: North Carolina
Fun Fact: I grew up in the garden of Eden.

David Tyrrell

Home State: Florida
Fun Fact: I once ate a scorpion.

Will Thetford

Home State: North Carolina
Fun Fact: I love Ultimate Frisbee, and I'm related to Davy Crockett's next-door neighbor.

Stephen Pierce

Home State: North Carolina
Fun Fact: I chipped a tooth off during basketball and still love it.

Elias McArtor

Home State: Texas
Fun Fact: Interned with undercover detectives in the suburbs of Dallas.

Jonathan Boes

Home State: Pennsylvania
Fun Fact: I wear a glow-in-the-dark retainer and write songs, not necessarily in that order or at the same time.

Ryan Hauser - Head RA

Home State: Ohio
Fun Fact: I have a houseplant named "Schopenhauer."


Katie Tipton

Home State: New Mexico
Fun Fact: I'm a secret metalcore fan and have attended and thoroughly enjoyed screamo concerts.

Alissa Robertson

Home State: Missouri
Fun Fact: I have an Aloe Vera plant named Winston that has survived two years of college.

Rachel Schierkolk

Home State: Zacatecas, Mexico
Fun Fact: I have had dreadlocks.

Lauren Johnson - Head RA

Home State: Ohio
Fun Fact: Glitter is my favorite color.


Caroline Byrd

Home State: North Carolina
Fun Fact: I have crammed two male alpacas into the back of a van... true story.

Ellen Prichard

Home State: Minnesota
Fun Fact: I completely passed out during first aid in RA training.

Kayla Griesemer - Head RA

Home State: Tennessee
Fun Fact: I am actually a French princess.

Allison Fahrenbruck

Home State: Colorado
Fun Fact: I rode a sheep in a sheep race.

Lauren Busch

Home State: Indiana
Fun Fact: I love music, specifically the violin. I'm involved with enough music groups on campus that I have to constantly reassure  everyone that I am a Theory major, not a music major. I enjoy playing my violin on the roof.

Emmery Grotberg

Home State: North Dakota
Fun Fact: I grew up on a grain farm, and bought 7 heifers with my high school graduation money.

Emily Gorton - Head RA

Home State: Pennsylvania
Fun Fact: Until I faced Luke Hake, I had never lost a grape-stuffing contest.

Aimee Stauf

Home State: California

Fun Fact: I can't whistle, even though I've tried all my life.

Iain Armstrong

Home State: New York
Fun Fact: When Iain was seven, he counted that it took 364 licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. His mom called the company to tell  them the mystery had been solved, and they laughed hysterically for several minutes. Then they sent him some coupons and a certificate.

Jesse Eastman

Home State: Florida
Fun Fact: Last summer, I single-handedly floated down the Shenandoah river at Harper's Ferry into the Potomac river, in full clothing, on a log.

Michael Montoya - Head RA

Home State: California
Fun Fact: Back home, I have an energy drink collection exceeding 250 uniquely designed cans.

Steven "Ozzy" Osborne

Home State: Georgia
Fun Fact: Has travelled from Lake Superior to the Florida coast in a day.