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Meet Your Residence Life Team


Andrew Lonon, Resident Director of Men

  • Home State: South Carolina
  • Fun Fact: Will often be caught transfixed by a sunset or landscape and has to be shaken out of his reverie.

Read more about Andrew here.

Emily Carde, Resident Director of Women

  • Home State: California
  • Fun Fact: I love traveling and intend to backpack my way across Europe in the next few years.

Read more about Emily here.



Matthew Boles

Home State: California
Fun Fact: Although living 40 minutes from Disneyland for most of my life, I have never visited the Happiest Place on Earth. I hope one day to visit it, since I am a huge Disney fan.

Brian Zachary

Home State: Kansas
Fun Fact: I have broken my arm three times.

Stephen Pierce

Home State: North Carolina
Fun Fact: Even though I once chipped off a tooth while playing basketball, I still love the game.

Ruan Meintjes

Home State: Texas
Fun Fact: I am a high school state wrestling champion and an instrument rated pilot.

David Tyrrell

Home State: Florida
Fun Fact: I once ate a scorpion.

Benedict Ciavollela

Home State: New Jersey
Fun Fact: I am a big fan of giant monster movies.

Lanson Hoopai

Home State: Hawaii
Fun Fact: Being from Hawaii, I absolutely adore Spam in all its forms.




Katie Tipton

Home State: New Mexico
Fun Fact: I'm a secret metalcore fan and have attended and thoroughly enjoyed screamo concerts.

Laura Reiley

Home State: Hawaii
Fun Fact: My favorite sport is waterpolo.

Rachel Schierkolk - Head RA

Home State: Zacatecas, Mexico
Fun Fact: I have had dreadlocks.

Alissa Robertson

Home State: Missouri
Fun Fact: I was a zipline guide this past summer.


MJ Elliot

Home State: Georgia
Fun Fact: I have two extra bones in my body.

Ellen Prichard - Head RA

Home State: Minnesota
Fun Fact: I completely passed out during first aid in my first year of RA training.

Noelle Garnier

Home State: Virginia
Fun Fact: I have been to the Taj Mahal.

Emily Powell

Home State: California
Fun Fact: I was a featured model before the age of one.


Christine Reid

Home State: Idaho
Fun Fact: I've been a coffee drinker since I was two years old.

Kathryn Blackhurst

Home State: Pennsylvania
Fun Fact: I once fell off a ski lift.

Betsy Reich - Head RA

Home State: Washington State
Fun Fact: I can recite the periodic table of elements.

Aimee Stauf

Home State: California
Fun Fact: I sewed a cape out of neckties for Eden Troupe's A Midsummer Night's Dream.



Ryan McDonald

Home State: Hawaii
Fun Fact: I have sailed competitively in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans amid lots of sharks and dolphins.

Michael Montoya - Head RA

Home State: California
Fun Fact: Joe Montana was one of my Pop Warner football coaches.

Jesse Eastman

Home State: Florida
Fun Fact: Last summer, I single-handedly floated down the Shenandoah river at Harper's Ferry into the Potomac river, in full clothing, on a log.


David Fullerton

Home State: Texas
Fun Fact: I am an avid sleep-talker; it is reported by my roommates that I have slept talked in Latin before.