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Mission, Vision, and Doctrinal Neutrality

The Mission of Patrick Henry College is to prepare Christian men and women who will lead our nation and shape our culture with timeless biblical values and fidelity to the spirit of the American founding. Educating students according to a classical liberal arts curriculum and training them with apprenticeship methodology, the College provides academically excellent baccalaureate level higher education with a biblical worldview.

The Vision of Patrick Henry College is to aid in the transformation of American society by training Christian students to serve God and mankind with a passion for righteousness, justice, and mercy, through careers of public service and cultural influence.



Statement of Doctrinal Neutrality

Patrick Henry College welcomes all people who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and who take seriously the claims of the inerrant Word of God. We have written our Statement of Faith to be inclusive of many doctrinal and denominational traditions. Many of our faculty and students are Baptist, Reformed, Charismatic, Pentecostal, Nazarene, and a great variety of other church traditions. Patrick Henry College does not take sides on certain doctrinal matters that often separate such groups of believers. Our students are fully engaged in robust, informal discussions on these matters. But the College itself is neutral on the doctrinal distinctives which go beyond the points covered in our Statement of Faith and are outside the mission of the College. We want all students and faculty from this wide community to feel welcomed and encouraged. We particularly want parents to have the assurance that PHC will not seek to undermine the traditions of their family's faith.