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Student Ambassador Program

The Patrick Henry College Student Ambassadors team is selected from the current student body. From around the United States, and representing a variety of majors and ambitions, our Student Ambassadors come to this volunteer position with a commitment to thoughtfully welcome guests while providing gracious hospitality and a meaningful perspective of student life. During the school year, you may schedule a visit to Patrick Henry College and enjoy spending time with our Ambassadors throughout your day.


The Ambassador's Perspective 


While academic excellence and internship opportunities may have factored strongly into their college choice, many students reference the Christ-centered community as their favorite aspect of Patrick Henry College. This community is evident in every aspect of campus life. Professors who integrate their faith with their classes and take a personal interest in students’ spiritual growth, morning chapel, Bible studies, and conversations with other students over lunch, dinner, or even late into the night all play a part in developing the spiritual tone on campus. Extracurricular activities, sports, and campus traditions also provide opportunities for serving, forging rich memories, and deepening friendships with other students.  Patrick Henry students are passionate not only about their faith and studies, but also about building relationships and enjoying life. 

The Ambassadors look forward to meeting with you to share their personal experience of living and studying at Patrick Henry College.


SALT - Student Ambassador Leadership Team 


Megan Fabling

Mikayla Feil

Jordan Amedick

Preston Lee


Fall 2014  Student Ambassadors 


Abigail Davis Clayton Milhouse
Alyssa Foster Creighton Deems
Aphrodite Sahinidis Drew Nuce
Holly Wolking Graham Jackson
Jae Wasson Kurk Lumby
Kathryn Blackhurst Oree Wyatt
Kendra Olson Ryan McDonald
Mary Elizabeth Bransom Santos DeBarros
Rachel Black Stephen Pierce
Rebekah Jorgensen Timothy Wier
Sarah Eis  
Sherry Clay  
Teresa Scanlan