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SI - Word from the Director

The Mission of the Patrick Henry College Department of Government is to promote practical application of biblical principles and the original intent of the founding documents of the American republic, while preparing students for lives of public service and citizen leadership.

Our Strategic Intelligence Program works to fulfill this mission by meeting the nation’s demand for analysts with critical skills to execute America’s national security imperatives.

It measurably advances the development of highly qualified and diverse applicants in core skills areas, specifically targeting regional and geographical expertise, skills, language proficiency, and related competencies.

Past and present Patrick Henry College Strategic Intelligence majors compete particularly well on the national and international level, and are highly motivated toward careers in national security related fields. They have already developed a reputation in the Intelligence Community for self-motivation, educational excellence, and exceptional moral fiber.

Accordingly, our continuing Program growth emphasizes and depends upon an apprenticeship educational model to provide real-world intelligence experience to students. The result is a graduate with training focused on providing intelligence support for national policy, a portfolio of work on regional and geographic topics, personal experiences in intelligence organizations and issues, and, typically, obtained security clearances.

With core track requirements that cultivates student understanding of the Intelligence Community, intelligence analysis and ethics, and emphasizes interaction with field professionals, the SI Program enables students to better realize and appreciate the unity, clarity and purpose of the study of government in a unique field.

Whether you are a current or retired intelligence professional looking to support the training of the Intelligence Community's next generation, or you are an undergraduate student interested in this exciting field, we invite you to participate in the Government-Strategic Intelligence track.

Dr. Gordon Middleton, (Col., USAF, Ret.)
Director, Strategic Intelligence Program