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Spiritual Life at Patrick Henry College

"Going to college is perhaps the first time many young people begin their own personal walk of faith, not relying any more on their parents' faith, or their Christian friends'. Start out right and continue on that course.  By taking advantage of all the spiritual life opportunities at Patrick Henry College and surrounding churches, your commitment to Christ will grow and will be founded on the Rock, on which you can firmly stand no matter what happens in your life."

- Dr. Gene Edward Veith, Patrick Henry College Provost


Our corporate chapel services, which are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:20-11:20, are weekly devotional times where the campus gathers together to praise God and to hear His Word.  Chapel messages are given from a variety of faculty, staff, local ministers, and other guests.

Our Worship Guild is made of students who plan and lead worshp under the direction of the Director of Music, Dr. Steve McCollum.

On Thursdays from 9:40-10:20 the Resident Assistants lead Wing Chapels in the dorms, providing an intimate setting for spiritual discussion, prayer, and Bible study.

Christian Study Groups

Christian Study Groups are small groups that meet once a week, on Tuesdays from 9:40-10:20. Led by student Resident Assistants, Christian Study Groups give students the opportunity to study God’s Word or other prominent Christian work on a more personal level. Some are going through a book of the Bible, while others are doing topical studies, bringing in guest speakers, reading devotional literature, sharing corporate worship, or going for prayer walks.


Patrick Henry College realizes that the college years are a time of cultivating lifelong spiritual disciplines and developing a Christian worldview, and for that reason PHC encourages its students to commit to a local church congregation as soon as possible after arriving on campus. In an attempt to facilitate students finding a church body, PHC keeps an extensive list of local churches on its website and frequently invites pastors from the community to speak in chapel. Some churches send vans to campus on Sundays to provide rides for PHC students, and individual students coordinate rides for those without transportation.