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Story Craft

by John R. Erickson

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"What is a story, and what is it supposed to do?" Many budding writers have asked this very question and have struggled to find a satisfactory response. In his newest book, Story Craft, Mr. John Erickson seeks to address this issue, providing writers with a springboard of information from which to create their stories and hone their craft.

Who is John Erickson?

According to Dr. Gene Veith, Patrick Henry College Provost and well-known cultural commentator, “Mr. Erickson teaches writing as a craft, which is the classical approach, not in the modern vein as a vehicle for romantic self-indulgence. (He) shows a better way, one that can teach Christians how to be the writers, artists, and culture-makers that gave us Western civilization.”

Part One of the book describes Erickson's experiences as an apprentice writer and publisher. In Part Two, he attempts to define what a story should be, and how it relates to culture and religious faith. And in Part Three, he gives helpful, practical advice to aspiring writers.

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It is Patrick Henry College and Mr. Erickson’s fond hope that Story Craft will offer guidance and encouragement to writers and also to any individual seeking to influence culture today.