PHC's twenty-four member Student Senate is elected annually in the Fall semester. Its committee structure functions similarly to actual committees in the United States Congress.

The Student Senate has addressed an array of issues, including the Honor Code, Dress Code, curfew, the academic drop/add period, and Student Government organization. It grants official status to student organizations.

The Student Senate is recognized by the Board of Trustees as an official policy-forming body under the school’s College Governance Protocol.

Speaker of the Senate: Chris Hamilton
Secretary of the Senate: Courtney Ngai
Parliamentarian: Tim Kocher
Sergeant at Arms: Jacob Van Ness



2014-2015 Student Body Senate

Matthew Boles
Philip Bunn
Rebecca Cambron
Ryan Collins
Abby Davis


Santos DeBarros
Elyssa Edwards
Mike Ford
Jordan Hughes
Jack Laufenberg


Clayton Millhouse
Mike Montoya
Andrew Mowry
Ashlyn Olson
Julianne Owens
Joseph Samelson
Maren Sekerak
Daniel Thetford
Luke Thomas
Simeon Tomaszewski
Samantha Watkins
Don Wood
Brian Zachary