Presidency Camp

with PHC Government Professor Dr. Michael Haynes, July 14-20



Have you ever wondered how the Presidency and the Executive Branch have changed throughout American history?  Are you curious about the internal workings of the White House? Do you dream of one day of being President of the United States or of working for the President? If so, then Patrick Henry College's new Presidency Camp is for you!


Led by PHC's own Dr. Michael Haynes, Professor of American Politics and Policy, Presidency Camp will allow campers to simulate the responsibilities of the White House Staff!  For the first time, students will be officials in the White House Administration and YOUR team will decide how to respond to crisis situations, both domestic and international.


Campers will learn how to hold a press conference, write a speech, and respond to scandals and allegations, all while competing with fellow campers to find out which team can run the White House better.


Developed to include stellar lectures and interactive exercises, Presidency Camp is designed to both help campers gain a better understanding of the Executive Branch of government and to provide a week of all-around fun.