Stephen - Counselor


Stephen is a junior at PHC. He is a political theory major, because he enjoys studying the nature of man. He starred in three plays on campus – “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “The Importance of Being Earnest,” and “A Christmas Carol.” He is a member of the Alexis DeToqueville Society, the Community Involvement Commission, and is heavily involved in student government, both as a senator and a member of the executive cabinet. He has participated in mock trial and Model UN, where his team won the highest award of Outstanding Delegation.

Stephen enjoys playing baseball, acting, hiking, and playing music. He plays guitar, piano, and some banjo. He also loves carpentry and has made tables and chairs. His favorite store to shop at is Urban Outfitters. As a quirk, he can’t sleep without his feet covered, a fear that began when he was little and was afraid monsters would grab his feet.


Stephen was a teen camps counselor last summer and is excited to return as a counselor this summer.